Hello and Welcome!

My blog will concern different topics of interest to all!

(with an emphasis on Well-Being and Exercise)

I am a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer  and reside in the Mountains of Santa Cruz…

I would like to share the following Chinese 9 Treasure Exercises with you and hope that you will

include them in your daily routine! ( You may even perform these in front of your desk!)

1. Standing: Begin with small heel kicks toward the butt- you may do these anytime to shake out the legs.

2. Hip Circles: start with small hip circles w hands behind on kidneys; I have done these with client for many

year and just found out that they are ONE of the 9 Treasure Exercises!

3.Then make LARGER hip circles with wider legs and hands on hip bones.

4. Neck Circles and roll the eyeballs too!

5. Shoulder Circles- one at a time- both directions.

6. Elbow circles

7. Knee Circling: feet together ; both directions.

8. Tea Pot Stretch : with one foot tipped up , tilt forehead toward toe. The other foot is solidly on the floor.

9. Happy Buddha Stretch: Arms rounded overhead palmsup ; Look up- smile!




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